Ernie Van Veen


Dandelion gone to seed.

Reaching Out

Construction cranes beneath a grey sky.


Looking through a stone sculpture, Canberra Australia.

Autumn Seating

Park benches in Canberra City, Australia.

Water Bird

A seagull flies across a water sculpture at Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia.

Seagull of Storms

A single gull flies across a stormy sky at Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia.

Windows and Doors

Birck building on a steep street in Sydney Australia.

The Perils of Lunch

Agressive seagulls at Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia.


A small child chases after seagulls at Darling Harbour, Sydney Australia.


Contacting the space station from Tidbinbilla Tracking Station, near Cnaberra, Australia

Sharing a Smartphone Moment

A young couple share a phone on a Melbourne park bench.

First Swim of Spring

A water-loving dog swims in a cool, clear river.

Hands Off!

A mother stops her child from touching a classic sports car - a Ford GT4.

River Grasses

River grasses

Bread and Oil

Crusty bread on a cutting board in black and white

Self Portrait

My and my gear.


Power liines in the mist

City Living

Acton architecture

Grand Entrance

Acton architecture

High Noon

Acton architecture


At Darling Harbour, Sydney

Fast Talking

Fast talking guy...



Triple Locked

Locked farm gate.


Photographers at Darling Harbour, Sydney

Lines and Angles

A Sydney intersection and footbridge

Fowl Silhouette

A small water fowl on a pond at dusk.

Flying Cars

A road sign in the sky


A flock of seagulls and a couple of ducks.

All Day Rainfall

Kept inside all day because of rain. *sighs*

Spot the Lighthouse

Distant lighthouse shot from Warrain beach, Culburra.


A backlit etched glass panel in a 200 year old house.

Crookhaven Bar 4

Crookhaven Heads, Australia

Lone Stone

Crookhaven Heads, Australia

Return Journey

Crookhaven Heads, Australia


Crookhaven Heads, Australia


Crookhaven Heads, Australia

Crookhaven Bar 2

Crookhaven Bar, Australia

Crookhaven Bar 1

Crookhaven bar, Australia

Crookhaven Bar 3

Crookhaven bar, Australia

River of Mist

Fitzroy River, NSW Australia

Forest of Mist

Forest in mist on the Fitzroy River, NSW Australia