Ernie Van Veen

Crookhaven Heads

Crookhaven Heads at dawn

Autumn Driveway

Dunrossil Drive

Breaking Through

Sunlight breaks through a storm over the Brindabella Ranges near Canberra, Australia

Low Light Flight

Pelican over Crookhaven Heads

Sunset at Crookhaven Heads

Last light from the rocks at Crookhaven Heads.

Frosty Pier

A frosty pier in the morning mist.

Booroomba Rocks

Booroomba Rocks in the Brindabella Ranges, near Canberra, Australia.

Moon Roos

A fullish moon rises over a field of kangaroos in Canberra, Australia.

Closing In

A stormy sky closes in over the ocean pool at Cronulla, Australia.


Streetlights bookending a street scene from below at sunset.

Artificial Lake

Lake Tuggeranong, Canberra Australia

Fishin' 'Till Dusk

Fishermen on a pontoon at Lake Tuggeranong, Canberra Australia.

The Eagles Nest

A large tree and a giant eagle's nest sculpture overlook Black Mountain Tower and Lake Burley Griffin in Canberra at dusk


The Brindabella Ranges behind Canberra in sunset.

Distant Smoke

Smoke rises in the distant hills behind Canberra's suburbs.

Drought in the Mist

A fence and gate in the early morning mist.

Where the Metal Meets

Fence wire meets barbed wire looking over an Australian paddock with hills in the background.


A lakeside park

No Shelter

A storm on the edge of Canberra, Australia

Suburb in Mist

The path descends into the suburbs in southern Canberra, Australia

Brindabella Storms

A storm builds over the Brindabella Ranges, near Canberra

Positions Vacant

Lakside bench

Fogged-In Fowl

A lone duck on the pond in the pre-dawn fog.

First Light

First rays of light on a Canberra suburb, with the Brindabella Hills in the background.

Drought Hardy

Eucalyptus trees struggle in the Australian drought.

Dawn at Crookhaven Heads

Dawn at Crookhaven Heads

Dairy Farmers Hill

Dairy Farmers Hill, Canberra, with Black Mountain tower in the background.


A raven flies past the lake and surrounds in Canberra.

The Brindabellas at Dusk

Brindabella mountains near Canberra at sunset.

Lake Burley Griffin

Lake Burley Griffin, Yarralumla, Canberra

Lunar Parade

The moon over Dairy Farmers Hill, with Black Mountain Tower in the background.

Beach Houses

Beach houses at night, Culburra Beach.

Spot the Lighthouse

Distant lighthouse shot from Warrain beach, Culburra.

Sunsets at Curley's Bay 1

Sunsets at Curley's Bay, Culburra Beach.

Sunsets at Curley's Bay 2

Sunsets at Curley's Bay 2, at Culburra Beach.

Sunsets at Curley's Bay 3

Sunsets at Curley's Bay 3, Culburra Beach.

Sunsets at Curley's Bay 4

Sunsets at Curley's Bay 4, at Culburra Beach.

Beyond the Horizon

From Penguin Head, Australia

A New Journey

A sailboat sails through Crookhaven Heads, Australia


Penguin Head, Australia

Last Look

Penguin Head, Australia

Fitzroy Falls Valley

The valley of Fitzroy Falls

Fitzroy Falls in the Wind

Fitzroy Falls blown by the wind

Fitzroy Falls

A long exposure of Fitzroy falls