Ernie Van Veen

Pink Honey

A bee attempts to land on a pink bottlebrush flower.

A Winter Rose

The last gasps of a winter rose.


Dandelion gone to seed.


A leaf lies amid lichen on a park bench.

Bird-Free Zone



some kind of stump

Slow Flow

misty water flows over stones

Frozen Flower

Frost on a dandelion flower.

Alpine Frost

Frost on a tiny alpine leaf.



Roo and Wildflowers

A kangaroo in a field of Australian wildflowers.

Skin Tight

Water droplets on a bladed leaf.

King of the Stump

Goanna lizard on a tree stump.

Purple Fringe

Seaside Daisy

Canopy Regrowth

The sparse canopy ten years after a major firestorm near Canberra, Australia.

First Swim of Spring

A water-loving dog swims in a cool, clear river.

River Grasses

River grasses

Frozen Grasses

Frozen grasses in the early morning mist.

Lighthouse Path

The path to the Crookhaven Heads lighthouse.

Angry Bird

A small banded bird on a mossy wall in the rainforest.

Baby Fern

A baby fern between the roots and moss.

The Kissing Tree

Trunk carvings in the rainforest gully in Canberra's Botanic Gardens.

Gaining Altitude

Over Orroral Valley, ACT Australia, at dusk



Banksia Extreme

At the Botanic Gardens

Under the Sodium Arc

A lone tree under the Canberra's sodium arc street lights.

Lone Black Stone

Rock shelf, south coast

Autumn Leaves

A last glimpse of leaves.

Butterfly in Progress

Eating the lemon tree.

Roos and Joey

Two eastern grey kangaroos and a joey in the pouch.

Flying Kangaroo

Hopping eastern grey kangaroo

Kangaroo Family

Mum, dad and joey eastern grey kangaroos.

Roo with Joey in the Wild Flowers

A kangaroo and joey hop through the spring wild flowers.

Rainforest Lichen

A macro shot of rainforest lichen.

Unfolding Banksia

A Banksia flower unfolds.

Sun Drop

The sun reflected in a drop of water.

Potted Colour


Contrail Shadow

The setting sun creates a shadow of a contrail on the high clouds.

No Deposit

A castaway bottle lies among the ocean's flotsam on Culburra Beach.